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Hotel Partner Group offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to your hospitality investment needs:

Seller Marketing:

We elevate your property with targeted and effective marketing strategies in avoiding inefficient marketing and publicity. Our extensive knowledge of national franchise hotel investments allows us to provide exceptional hotel consulting services and create value in hotel investments.

Buyer Representation:

We meticulously vet all potential buyers and exclusively match qualified investors with properties that perfectly align with their financial expectations and investment goals. Whether these properties are officially listed or hidden gems sourced specifically for individual buyers, our clients can rest assured that we leave no stone unturned in helping them achieve their investment dreams.

Hotel-to-Apartment Conversion:

We are dedicated to making a positive impact by offering affordable, high-quality housing and facilitating access to supportive resources on a national scale through hotel-to-apartment conversions. This transformative process includes adjusting the interior layout, upgrading amenities, and redesigning the overall structure to cater to long-term residential living instead of short-term hotel stays. This approach is a response to evolving real estate trends, particularly when there’s a shift in demand from hotel accommodations to residential housing in specific areas. Through hotel-to-apartment conversions, property owners can repurpose existing structures to effectively address the changing needs of the local housing market.

Distressed Loans & Assets:

In the challenging lending environment of today, we take a proactive approach with nationwide lenders on non-performing hospitality loans and distressed assets. With a solid foundation in hospitality and banking, we stay informed on the latest lending industry rules and collaborates with lenders, offering services like REO asset sales, short sales, non-performing note sales, distressed asset workouts, debt restructures, and assistance with management company and franchise selections. We’re committed to delivering reliable results with invaluable experience and expertise in a time-sensitive environment.

Consulting Service:

At HPG, clients’ best interests always take precedence. What sets the HPG team apart is our unique blend of hotel operations experience and knowledge. Clients appreciate our substantive guidance, which proves invaluable in boosting productivity and maximizing revenues. We are confident that our value-added knowledge and practical experience make HPG the ideal choice as your brokerage representative.

Energy Brokerage:

Elevate your hotel’s operational efficiency with our specialized Energy Brokerage Service. We understand the unique energy demands of the hospitality industry, and our tailored solutions are designed to optimize your energy consumption while minimizing costs. Our expert team navigates the complex energy market on your behalf, securing the best rates and contracts to ensure substantial savings for your hotel. With a commitment to sustainability, we also provide insights and strategies to enhance your property’s energy efficiency, contributing to both cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility. Partner with us to streamline your hotel’s energy management and empower your business for a greener, more cost-efficient future.

LED Lighting & Hotel Supplies:

Transform your hotel’s guest experience with our comprehensive Hotel Supplies Service. With more than 10 years of hotel LED lighting, TV and furniture experience, we take pride in offering a curated selection of high-quality, stylish, and functional supplies tailored to meet the unique needs of the hospitality industry. Our commitment to excellence extends to timely deliveries and competitive pricing, allowing your hotel to maintain the highest standards without compromising cost-effectiveness. Elevate your guests’ comfort and satisfaction by partnering with us for your hotel supply needs, and let us contribute to creating an inviting and memorable atmosphere for your discerning clientele.

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